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Why Did The Government Use A Campaign Of Terror?

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In 2019 life felt simpler, I went into town, had a coffee, a wander, relaxed. If I got sick I thought nothing of visiting the doctor or if it was an emergency I felt I could rely on the NHS to support me and take care of any pressing health issues. My life problems were normal issues, maybe a little bit of anxiety, some depression, but I managed it by just doing ordinary life things. If I had the funds I would go on holiday, go out to dinner, enjoy a glass or two of wine with good company. If the sun was shining I would sit in a beer garden with friends.

2020 and the world changed and it doesn’t seem like it will return to 2019 reality and knowing what we know now, I don’t think any of us want that reality back, but we certainly don’t want the new reality being created either.

Boris Johnson said he would BUILD BACK BETTER. I didn’t know that psychological programmers often used three word statements to drive home new thoughts and behaviours. I thought nothing of it, I just thought ‘It’s just a marketing method’. I was wrong, when it came to the Governments (worldwide) it was to be a psychological strategy to change human behaviour permanently.

We may think of propaganda and programming in this way coming from people like Hitler or other despotic leaders in history. Most of us, especially in the West may never have considered that they would use the same techniques they learned from history on all of us on an epic scale. The terrifying thing about this rein of terrorising programming is that they had many more tools at their disposal and they had been planning this for a very long time (just prior to the ‘pandemic’, the EVENT 201 simulation by the elites took place. This was planned, just like monkeypox was a simulation in 2021).

If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it. In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.

Edward Bernays

Instead of a simple newspaper like Hitler may have used, they (those scripting the whole ordeal) had newspapers, online news, local news, the entire internet, social media and advertising campaigns in all cities and towns. They covered everything. They even used a PM who supposedly got Covid and was hospitalised. I naively believed this back then, but not anymore. I don’t think he was in hospital at all. It was acting to make sure people took it all seriously.

So what campaign of terror did they use and how did they do this? Where did they get their ideas from?

The committee called SAGE in the UK may have sounded awfully scientific to many people but if you dug even a little bit below the surface you would find that the majority of the Government advisors were in fact not scientists of virology or epidemiology experts, but instead behavioural scientists. What does this mean? It means they are experts in changing behaviour.

They advised the campaign of terror. One of the members is even a known Communist who wanted even stronger measures for much longer.

If you are reading this thinking ‘What campaign of terror?’

Let me remind you of the programming they obviously and also subliminally used on your psyche.


The biggest PSYOP in history and most don’t realise its happening to them

We were surrounded by the largest propaganda marketing campaign in history I would say. Not only was the UK surrounded, most Western countries especially were bombarded with it. I’m not sure if the UK had a more brutal campaign because the ‘Look into her/his eyes’ campaign was particularly evil. I know of parents whose children were terrified of visiting grandparents thinking they would actually kill their grandparents and parents. The brainwashing was massive. Imagine a Government who actually cared, using such a campaign to terrorise children, do these sound like good people who care about your well-being and health?

The above propaganda was unquestioned. The fact that the small print in the bottom right image says from June to November 2021 they use figures when only a small percentage were allowed to be injected. Not to mention what was classed as vaccinated? Within 28 days of the injection you are classed as unvaccinated.

The propaganda around Covid 19 was nothing in comparison to the later campaign on the Covid 19 vaccines. They moved from pushing the people to policing those who dared to say ‘No’ by not wearing masks or following ‘rules’ during lockdown, to demonising those who chose not to be coerced into an experimental medical procedure. The elderly especially who had trusted the Government, the BBC and other mainstream news for a very long time, had no other ways to see past this programming, so they believed taking the injection was a good thing. They weren’t able to see the fact that statistically most people survived Covid 19 AND the average age of people dying from Covid or with Covid 19 was over 80, higher than the normal average age at death. Think about this, they were manipulated to take an experimental injection based on people dying later than even many of their age groups.

What was worse as the demonising campaign continued, was that they used marketing on children through online apps like What’s App and Tik Tok to paying social media influencers to encourage them to take the injections too. Unfortunately, as soon as the vaccines became available to them, people like the children I mentioned above said ‘Yes’, because they want to protect their parents and grandparents from death. And we all know how this is turning out. The number of deaths in adults and children is growing and lifelong health issues are on the increase.

When in the history of our world have we used children as a shield to protect adults? Terrorists often use women and children as shields to stop bombs being dropped on them. Supposed terrorists. And we are suddenly okay with this?

I remember at our weekly truth table a woman in her seventies came up to me and actually said that it was right that children get injected to protect her generation. I stood there gobsmacked; I was so disgusted I was silent (which is unusual for me under these circumstances).

All the propaganda was based on lies. They relied on the fact that most people just read the news or watched it on TV or listened to the Government press conferences and did not go beyond what they heard or saw. They relied on the fact that the Goggle box of soap operas and dramas had dumbed down the generations enough that they wouldn’t check the actual facts, that were even on the Government website. They relied on the fact that people wouldn’t check to see if people like doctors and surgeons were saying that the masks ordinary people wear do not prevent people from catching or transmitting respiratory viruses. They relied on the fact that people have short memories due to the lack of critical thinking imposed on them through consistent distraction making devices like the television and the fact that even the Government ‘experts’ (a term I use very loosely!) said that masks do not work and that to catch anything you need to be in close contact for a period of time to increase the viral load inside your body. By repetitively using their campaign of terror, they knew that people would have forgotten this. They relied on people not using their critical thinking skills.

The people of the world have been dumbed down for a long time. Mind manipulation techniques are present in so many things. Even the soap opera you watch will insert subliminal messages. Remember the EastEnders episode where the character who had not gotten vaccinated was presented as a dumb thicko and the comedic character who everyone loved was presented as a good person because he got vaccinated? Try to drop all notions that television is there to entertain you in a good way. It has been used for a very long time to manipulate thinking and behaviour. This is why Hollywood brings us the same storylines time and time again, often the West is perceived as good and the Middle East as bad.

Once you open to the manipulation you will see it everywhere, you can’t un-see it. You will begin to see the media headlines, how they are used to manipulate your behaviour. You will hear words repeated by politicians in a new way, most will hear positive ‘safety’ bringing messages, but when you wake up you see that they are planning control of you under the guise of ‘safety’. Many dictators have used statements like ‘for the good of the people’ or ‘for your safety’ to install many new regimes of oppression.

In the West they are using the drip drip drip approach of a slowly boiled frog that doesn’t know it’s being boiled until its too late.

Why Are They Doing This?

The short version – CONTROL

The longer version?

Fear makes you easier to control.

The elite (I prefer to call them the Predator Class) are very big on eugenics. They want to reduce the world population. It has already gone way beyond the Georgia GuideStones intentions.

They generally use War to reduce the population, but it’s obviously not doing it quickly enough for them now, so enforced / coerced ‘vaccines’ that cause auto immune disorders, heart problems and death, to some quickly and to some a slow destruction of the immune system with each ‘booster’, but their intention remains. Population reduction.

Add this to manufactured fuel shortages, food shortages and how better to do this?

Starve and poison people knowing that your campaign of fear has most lining up for their own demise for the ‘good of the people’ to ‘protect the vulnerable’ and to be a ‘good person’.

Are you ready to see what is happening?

It’s not easy and many will never be able to see because the brainwashing is complete, but I guess if you are reading this, you are ready?

Written by Kelly Martin

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