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So Who Are We?

Our Story

We are a group of concerned residents of Gloucestershire, who said “NO” to the Government’s Plan B. We say no to the destruction of our society and we say no to further restrictions to our lives in the shape of future lockdowns, vaccine passports and the essential demolition of our society. We stand for truth, freedom and real community. We fight for your freedom and your children’s freedom.

We Say Never Again

Welcome to ‘Open Gloucestershire’. We are a group of people passionate about protecting the freedom and liberties of Gloucestershire residents and businesses. We believe that the restrictions placed upon the people and local businesses was an overreach under unnecessary control.

We love the area we live in. We feel deeply saddened that so many small businesses were forced to close. Many still have uncertain futures due to the changes in society, rising costs of living in the general population and so much more.

We feel it is against human nature to lock down, disconnect and isolate from one another. Many of us personally know people who have developed mental health issues. Some have committed suicide or attempted, others have not had the essential treatment that would have meant they would have survived cancer. We have lost our loved ones; we lost our genuine inalienable rights as human beings to connect with others.

Democracy at this time is under threat. Many of the measures put in place were never voted on. We don’t accept the Coronavirus Act 2020. The destruction of our society is too much of a price to pay when the statistics show that Covid-19 is not a serious disease to the vast majority of the population. See here. And we don’t accept the World Health Organisations Pandemic Treaty which will mean lockdowns, created pandemics and further control can be done, regardless of what our MPs believe should or shouldn’t happen.

This website is for the people of Gloucestershire to find information because facts and truth are being censored deliberately. The media has shown that it is not fit for purpose. It is also for businesses who want to submit to the website who are against Vaccine passports and want support and a business community locally to join.

Most of us have had childhood vaccines, some of us have even had one or more of Covid 19 injections, but had serious adverse effects from them. We are standing up for the rights of ALL people and the freedom to choose to take the injection or not.

It is never too late to see when something more sinister is happening in the world and because of this we welcome those who are for freedom of choice, against censorship and believe in what genuine democracy stands for, because we think it’s extremely unhealthy to divide the people the way Governments worldwide are doing via the media.


We are driven by community

We began as a group of Mothers, Fathers, business men and women, NHS staff, care-workers, teachers and retired local people who were horrified by what was happening and saw that the Governments worldwide were pulling the wool over people’s eyes through a campaign of fear and propaganda that would put Goebbels of Hitler fame to shame.

Because we were ostracised for questioning the Government script, we gathered as a group for both safety and sustenance at a time when simply sharing alternative views led to locals telling us they wished Covid on us. Online, some wished others brain cancer and even the local MP Richard Graham ostracised one of our members within the local newspaper and Daily Mail. We were called Anti-vaxxers, Covidiots, liars, spreaders of disease and misinformation.

All the terms they used were spoon-fed to the people of this country via the media, who were paid to do this. New terms became reasonable terms to abuse those who dared to question. The propaganda was and still is off the scale. From one distraction to another, ordinary people were coerced into vaccines most did not need. They were shown other news while our MPs voted in acts and signed statutory instruments behind our backs taking more of our rights away and meanwhile most people did not know anything like this was happening.

We set up a group to talk, to plan action, some of it raising awareness and other events like the Candlelit Vigil above for all those who had lost to the pandemic, be it from death, job losses, businesses collapsing or mental health issues. We come together as one, because we care about our future and our children’s future.

Critical Thinkers

Most of our members critically think about everything. We never take what the Government or the media say at face value. One thing most of us learned was that if the media is saying it, think the opposite. If a big story that seems more like entertainment is filling the newsstands, we ask, ‘What are they hiding behind this story?’


We have lost a lot in this experience. Many of us have lost family who have chosen to ostracise us for questioning the narrative. We have an understanding of why people are following the crowd, we see the how Government behavioural scientists manipulated the people and so we have compassion for those struggling to understand right now.


Within our group we have engineers, plumbers, builders, teachers, nurses, care-workers, media experts, artists, business men and women, alternative politicians, musicians, writers, therapists, social care workers, ex military, people who have seen from the inside the local council system, retailers and very educated people.

Weekly Truth Table

Committed volunteers have been manning our weekly Truth Table and Info Hub for a long time now. Every Friday, between 12-3pm near the Cross in Gloucester City Centre. There are also truth tables and volunteers in Stroud and Cheltenham.

Those who use their time sharing awareness are strong people, who during the peak of the Government propaganda were abused and insulted often weekly. We share news the media is not telling you about, we come together united against a common enemy of lies and control.

History of the Group

  • In 2020 the group was formed, small to begin with, but as time went on it grew.
  • Many came to the group via word of mouth and we then united to form a close knit family who may be very different in outlook, opinions and personalities but we all came together for a common cause, freedom and resistance against what was being pushed upon society

As a group we have done the following (and many members have done more outside of the group), all voluntarily

  • When the Government were increasing coercion and scare-mongering propaganda, members of the group peacefully stood outside schools handing out leaflets and talking to heads of schools explaining how liable the schools would be if a child were to be damaged by the ‘Covid 19’ Vaccine. We had retired nurses, concerned parents gathering to offer awareness and informed consent, one of the things the Government was refusing to do, going so far as to outlaw free speech on certain issues. We were vilified and branded terrorists by local city community officers.
  • We distributed packs of information leaflets and alternative news media to most schools in the area so the heads of the schools were informed and made liable.
  • We carried out a massive Hold the Line Protest with over 150 people who were passionate about raising awareness, we received a lot of abuse, but we held the line.
  • We held another protest outside the BBC, the right hand arm of the Government propaganda
  • We held another protest called Cross The Line in the city centre, we had speakers and we received a large amount of abuse, but we held the line
  • We held smaller protests along roads and at the Cross at Christmas time and we kept holding the line, regardless of abuse
  • We distributed 10,000 leaflets directing people to this website and offering people pertinent questions to awaken those ready to awake to the truth of what was and is happening
  • We protested against the vaccine mandates for the NHS and Care-workers, we had speakers from within the NHS and care-workers expressing their own experiences and we raised awareness on a busy Saturday
  • We hold a weekly truth table offering information peacefully on what is taking place so people can make informed choices
  • We hold regular meetings to see what needs to be done
  • We held a peaceful Candlelit vigil for those both affected by Covid and affected by the tyranny placed on society with music and speakers
  • We attend regular Stand in the Parks throughout Gloucestershire
  • Light papers are handed out in different areas of Gloucestershire
  • We set up this website so locals could connect and arm themselves with knowledge
  • There is a weekly bridge protest taking place
  • We raise the spirits of those involved through social events and dance
  • We are starting mental health and wellbeing events to support locals as the propaganda continues
  • The list is to be continued because at the time of publishing this I had not gathered all the information together…