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Why I will NOT take the Covid jab

by Michael Doherty author of The I-CHING (RIP 1937-2023)

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED January 22, 2022 for

I am not an anti-vaxxer. I have had all the recommended vaccines throughout my long life.

The COVID jabs are not vaccines. They are experimental gene therapy

They do not provide immunity. They do not stop infection or transmission

My Informed Consent cannot be given as medium and long term risks are not known

Manufacturers will not release FULL list of ‘vaccine’ contents

Trials: Phases I, II, III have been conducted at the same time. Never before

Trials unblinded July 2021. so NO control groups to compare efficacy or safety

Emergency Use Authorisation issued in spite of available safe treatments. Illegal

Animal Trials excused in spite of history of animal trials in previous SARS ‘vaccines’

Survival Rates after infection above 99.5%

Of those who die from Covid-19, 99.2% suffer from at least one comorbidity

No Excess Deaths in 2020

Excess Deaths began to show in 2021 after ‘vaccine’ rollout

Grossly exaggerated Covid death numbers

Covid mortality almost exactly mirrors natural mortality rates

Positive test does not equate to Infection

PCR tests not fit for purpose; they cannot test for infections

At 40+ cycles PCR test gives up to 97% false positives

Censorship of all experts who disagree with the official narrative

80% of hospital admissions are fully vaccinated

Mass vaccination forces virus to mutate

High death rate among the vaccinated

Suppression of effective safe treatments

Natural Immunity better than ‘vaccine’ induced immunity

Vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability

There has never been a successful attempt to develop a coronavirus vaccine

Destruction of the immune system

Total disregard by the government of the law and human rights

Vaccine Adverse Reaction Databases show thousands of deaths and millions of severe adverse reactions

This is a list of headings. I shall be uploading expanded versions including sources soon. All the data will have been extracted from official sources, such as:


MHRA Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (UK)

UKHSA UK Health Security Agency (formerly PHE Public Health England)

SAGE Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (UK)

FDA  Food and Drugs Administration (U.S.)

CDC Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.)

ONS Office for National Statistics (UK)

EMA European Medicines Agency (EU)

This will be an ongoing project in these difficult times.

Michael Doherty author I-CHING

This article was previously written for Michael’s website but since his passing the site may vanish so with permission from his best friend Kelly Martin they are being republished here for OPENGLOS.

Scientific bridge maker. Bringing science & metaphysics together | Retired teacher of maths & physics | Author of the I-CHING | Ex Military | Podcast  ‘The Michael Files’

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