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Mainstream media, in case you’ve been unaware, hasn’t been telling the truth on many things for a very long time and moreso since 2020. The news you may have loved and trusted was infiltrated a long time ago. The BBC bought and paid for with investments from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other wealthy investors. The Government has been using mainstream media as its mouthpiece for a long time and this current period in history we are living in has the scent of George Orwell. Much of what you see, hear or read is propaganda and often used to manipulate behaviour in the world. Even what you may view as local news sites is part of a larger news groups so whatever the Government needs you to believe (even if not true) local news will carry those stories also.

If they need you scared, they will push the fear mongering.

If they need you distracted, they will push the entertainment industry drama.

If they need you silent, they will push that speaking out and sharing your truth is misinformation or disinformation or dangerous.

So below are alterantive news sites for you to enjoy at your leisure. Heavily researched (unlike the BBC/Daily Mail / The Guardian etc etc) and leaning towards awareness and freedom than an agenda.

The UK Column is an independent news organisation founded in 2006 by Brian Gerrish, their co-editor. Established with no financial backing or external investment, the UK Column remains completely independent of any advertisers, foundations and political parties. All of their funding comes from their viewers, listeners and readers who support it through memberships and donations.

Their news programme is available on Rumble and via their website. The do excellent live news reports every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm (available on catch up after it has aired).

They used to have a huge following on YouTube, but when they posted about vaccine injury direct from the wife of someone whose husband had been seriously damaged, YouTube shut their channel down. If in doubt, if the ‘powers that be’ are trying to hide something it generally means it is true.

light paper uncensored news
A people’s truth paper

The Light Paper, another censored news media platform.

The Light was banned from posting to Twitter and even locally in Stroud Gloucestershire there was a backlash. A group was ‘created’ to try and make locals believe the newspaper is anti-semitic, which is clearly not true for anyone who has read the multiple articles from various authors. In Stroud, those courageous volunteers handing out the free paper have had a lot harassment from this group, one can only guess this group has been paid to try and shut down truth.

To anyone not under the spell of the world’s regimes and the billionaires’ NGO’s directing their policies, it is quite clear the press/media are not doing their job. In fact, not only are they failing to hold Governments, corporations and individuals to account by exposing their corruption, lies and crimes, they are actively involved in helping the fraud and operations being perpetrated against the unsuspecting general public..The Light is a monthly publication which puts that right; they report the news from across the UK and the rest of the world that is either being unreported (propaganda by omission,) or told from the point of view of those it is reporting on, thus making he majority of their output meaningless press releases for those committing crimes against the people on a daily basis. We launched our first issue in the week ending the 27th of September 2020

21st Century Wire is News for the Waking Generation™. Founded in 2009. They are a North American and Europe-based, grass-roots, independent hyper-blog offering bold commentary, news, views, analysis, as well as thought-provoking curated content from around the web. This site houses over 10,000 articles, videos and documents covering a very wide range of topics and viewpoints. They work with an at-large team of writers, researchers, and a wide array of volunteer contributors who provide a diverse range of perspectives and opinions from around the world. 21st Century Wire contributors have appeared internationally on TV, radio and in print, and include persons with both Masters and PhD level academic qualifications, and many who have appeared as speakers at international conferences and symposiums.

An independent blogger who began to understand that historical, political and scientific concepts, shunned by the orthodoxy, were far more worthy of consideration than he had been led to believe. It angered him that so much knowledge was simply being denied, cheating people of their right to exercise free thought. He understood that these perspectives were deliberately obscured by state education, academic and political institutions, always assisted by the pernicious influence of the mainstream media.

So, a few years ago, he started blogging at In This Together, hoping to encourage others to consider some alternative viewpoints and potential solutions.

Vanessa Beeley  is an independent journalist, peace activist and photographer. Vanessa was a finalist for one of the most prestigious journalism awards – the 2017 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism – whose winners have included the likes of Robert Parry in 2017, Patrick Cockburn, Robert Fisk, Nick Davies and the Bureau for Investigative Journalism team.

Alex Thomson

After learning what today’s British Establishment was all about at Rugby School and Cambridge, Alex Thomson served in a Christian mission in the former Soviet Union and went on to spend the rest of his twenties as a GCHQ officer.

He moved to the Netherlands aged thirty in 2009 and has spent the last decade more quietly as a translator and interpreter and a researcher of networked evil.

Since 2014, Alex has presented his emerging findings via the Eastern Approaches brand on UK Column News, where his specialisms are Europe, geopolitics, religious affairs and constitutional matters.

He maintains the Eastern Approaches channel, mostly of careful readings of key documents indicating the scope of corruption of British and Western public life.

A ‘fearless speech’ website that welcomes independent ideas respectfully and fearlessly expressed. We live in unprecedented, mind-numbing times. This site is a space for the un-numbing of human minds; where independent voices can have a platform for views systematically silenced by mainstream ‘psy-ops’ propaganda narratives.