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bartering exchange services

Do you have skills you would like to exchange? If we move into a cashless society we may want to start bartering and exchanging skills, products or services. From gardening, healing, medicine, childcare, food, a listening ear… and more. If you wish to be added to this section please contact us HERE

Reiki healer Gloucester
My name is Kelly, I am happy to exchange Reiki Healing for other holistic therapies. I also don’t drive and sometimes need lifts to appointments or places out of reach via public transport or with my healing couch, so healing for transport would be possible. I also am a good listener and can exchange my time for food, help with my tiny garden and help with supporting me with all the events I organise via OPENGLOS. I live in central Gloucester and don’t drive. You can email me at kellymartinspeaks (at)
Your services and skills could be added here
Your services and skills could be added here