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What are Smart Cities?

Smart City Gloucester

Cities are highly complex places that have become more and more difficult to manage.

Modern technology makes it possible to manage them more effectively. Using information and communication technology (ICT) cities can be run more efficiently, share information with the public (hopefully) and improve services and citizens’ welfare (not sure about the last one).

There has to be a good relationship between the public and private sectors, because the plans drawn up by city governments will usually be carried out by private contractors.

Also the vast quantities of data collected by ICT will usually be analysed by independent contractors, since generally speaking, the bureaucrats (politicians and civil servants) haven’t got the foggiest idea when it comes to analysing databases.

This is one of the dangers. The citizens’ welfare and interests will be at the mercy of tech companies, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter etc. and we all know how much we trust them.

Most of the software used by smart cities is Microsoft’s Azure and particularly Azure IoT.

I need hardly remind you that Bill Gates founded Microsoft.(Nothing to worry about there then). We are told that:

Gates and his wife founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with the mission of improving the quality of life for people around the world, primarily in the areas of global health and learning.“ Should that be “…improving the quality of life for the elite”?

Sorry about the alphabet soup that fills all techy stuff. I’ll try to remember to explain as I go.

IoT is the ‘Internet of Things’ although it is better named the network of things. Anyway, the IoT is a network of devices; anything with a computer chip in, that can talk to other devices with a chip. One of them may be you if the technocrats have their way.

They can form a network and can communicate and exchange information (data)

In order to do this they have to be able to transmit data very quickly, which is why 5G is being installed everywhere.

Smart Cities can only work if you accept:

  • Everything controlled through 5G – never tested for safety,
  • known to produce serious medical conditions including cancer
  • Total surveillance – total loss of freedom and privacy
  • Driverless vehicles
  • Drone deliveries of everything
  • Tele medicine including surgery by robot
  • Tele education
  • Digital ID based on vaccine passports
  • Digital currency – no more cash
  • Social Credit scoring – if you behave you get benefits
  • Your whole life spent within 15 minutes of the city centre
  • No travel – no holidays – no freedom – no privacy – no life really

The components that will make up smart cities are:

  • Smart digital citizens (that’s you and me)
  • Smart government (that’s a joke)
  • Smart manufacturing (all done by machines – no jobs there then)
  • Smart health (just like the last two years)
  • Smart farms and agriculture (Pretend meat, probably insects, everything GMO)
  • Smart buildings (till the power goes off)
  • Smart energy grids (needed to supply power to tens of thousands of sensors, electric vehicles etc)
  • Smart transportation systems (why do we need them? – we won’t be able to go anywhere)
  • Smart utilities (nice clean water loaded with fluorine and medical treatments for all)
  • Smart mobility/wi-fi (so you can be monitored 24/7)
  • Open databases for full transparency (yeah, right)

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. We are all worrying about the dangers of 5G. Well, 6G is already in development and will be 50 -100 times faster than 5G. But this means even higher frequencies of radiation. They will be able to penatrate deeper into your body (and brain) than 5G – so more cancers definitely, and other stuff we can’t even imagine.

Written by Michael Doherty