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Smart City Gloucester

What are Smart Cities?

Cities are highly complex places that have become more and more difficult to manage. Modern technology makes it possible to manage them more effectively. Using information and communication technology (ICT) cities can be run more efficiently, share information with the… Read More »What are Smart Cities?

We’re Not Going to Sit in Silence

Standing up to those in power takes courage and at a time of huge growing censorship, we all need to start making a stand. We must not let the Government and the right-hand of the Government (mainstream media), silence us.

As many people witnessed the abhorrent destruction of our democracy through laughs and sniggers in the House of Commons on 19th of October when the Deputy Speaker of the House said…

human rights violated

Are My Human Rights Being Violated?

If I choose NOT to use card payments, but pay exclusively cash in shops from an account I hold, but are refused to do so to the point I cannot survive, are my human rights being violated?