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Help and Advice

Looking for information? Needing help due to vaccine adverse effects? Looking for a new tribe who understand where you are coming from?

Information and Support

uk vaccine injury support

Visit the UK CV Family Website above.

They are a friendly UK-based community of individuals that experienced adverse reactions after receiving our Covid-19 Vaccines.

They provide support and advocacy for our members; and are actively raising awareness amongst the British healthcare system, media, and government.

Protect Your Children?

Parent template letter to help parents withdraw their consent to any offer of Covid-19 vaccines for their child at school, and to challenge any claim that their child has Gillick Competence to consent themselves.

The UK Medical Freedom Alliance has the template here

Jabbed But Regret It?

Potential Graphene Oxide Detox Protocols for the Vaxxed & Unvaxxed

How To Neutralise Potential Damage From MRNA Jabs and Neutralise Graphene Oxide

Covid 19 Health Protocols

If you are wanting to stay healthy and not take any vaccines. These protocols are for you.

Dr Grouf Covid Prophylaxis Protocol

Covid Destroying Soup Remedy

Long Covid Protocols

Dr Grouf’s LONG COVID protocol

I-RECOVER Management protocol for Long Haul Covid-19 syndrome

Free Mental Health & Healing Support

Come along to our monthly free listening hub in the Cellar Bar at Cafe Rene Gloucester and have someone hold the space where you can share what is on your mind. There will also be holistic therapists there for free healing.


16-30 Youth For Freedom

We’re a group of young adults (18 – 30s) who hold the values of the freedom & truth movement. We stand for:

Our bodily freedom. We educate the youth that the Government must uphold our basic individual freedom and rights, without medical mandates or restrictions.

– Truth. We exercise open, independent, fact-based thinking with research, face-face discussions & debates.

– Unity. We bring young people together through local groups, which are run by individual’s initiatives & offer an enjoyable social life for all

Youth for Freedom Gloucestershire

Youth for Freedom Cheltenham


World Doctors Alliance Share Ways Of Saying No!

Masks – Human Rights


Notice of Liability – Schools

Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of Covid-19

Raise Awareness Today!

Do you have information or knowledge that the people of Gloucestershire need to know right now? Please get in touch below to share your insights and resources.