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Holistic Therapists & Spiritual Guidance

Reiki healer Gloucester

Kelly Martin

Reiki Master and channel for Reiki, Seichim and Sekhem with 22 years experience . Incorporates Hooponopono into each healing session and sound if intuitively guided. An empath and sensitive channel who lives from the heart and has had personal close experience with grief, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

Kelly offers one on one healing sessions from awake retailer Cosmic Tree. She also offer one-on-one sessions from her home for those who may have mobility and are unable to manage stairs.

Also an intuitive writer and author on self-esteem and mental health issues. A campaigner for truth and activist within Gloucester and beyond. Originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne but has lived in Gloucester for 18 years now.

You can find Kelly at her long term blog online and contact her via kellymartinspeaks at

Kathy Colonic Irrigation

Kathryn Woods

Reflexologist with 23 years experience and specialise in Fertility and Pregnancy. I am a member of The Association of Reflexologists(AOR) and also Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (ARR)

I also practice Colonic Hydrotherapy which I have been doing for 15 years and am a friend member of The Association of Colonic Hydrotherapists (ARCH).

I provide a mobile service in comfort of your own home!

Alongside my therapies I was a Registered Mental Health Nurse for 43 years, having recently retired, specialising in severe mental illness, mainly psychosis. I absolutely loved my job!

If you would like any information please contact me on 07731445394

Kate Dimmer

Kate is a registered nutritional therapist and health coach, specialising in digestive health.

She works with people on a one-to-one basis using nutrition and lifestyle to support IBS and other digestive issues, energy levels, immune health and general wellbeing.

I specialise in digestive health including IBS and I practise online and from a clinic in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. I use the latest scientific research, good clinical practice and I practise from an evidence base – this means advice is based on evidence not trends.

If you would like to know how Kate might help you reach your health goal, she offers a free phone call, so feel free to get in touch on 07714340345 or email kate @

Jane Prescott

Jane supports empathic, intuitive, sensitive souls; lightworkers and starseeds; specifically those ‘awake and aware’ to the truth about the current world situation, and who do not consent!

Living on Earth has always been a physical and emotional challenge for everyone. But during this time of global-scale challenges; activation of our dormant strands of DNA; and awakening from 3D consciousness to awareness of our multidimensional reality – it’s is a rollercoaster.

Your higher guidance and self-healing abilities know what to do.

And, with Shiatsu, Meridian Massage or Distance Healing Qi Gong therapy, you can feel the healing process amplify; access your inner wisdom more clearly; recharge your body and being with Light; receive visionary guidance and/or wellbeing lifestyle suggestions.

Julia Desousa

Julia here from Cirencester – I’m a Registered Nurse and also a Human Givens trained psychotherapist, qualified and registered hypnotherapist and Havening Techniques Practitioner. Happy to work with folk that need our input. I do online rather than f2f therapy that is as effective. Concessions available

My clinical nursing and therapeutic training has helped me recognise how anxiety, stress, depression, low self-confidence and low self-esteem can inhibit the development of our emotional health and well-being. It has also equipped me with therapeutic tools that can encourage growth and positive change.

I recognise the important role that physical health plays within our lives. But a vital part of how we direct our lifestyles is based on our beliefs, values and emotions, shaped by positive and negative past experiences.

I am passionate about this therapy with its powerful potential to facilitate long-lasting change and to ultimately transform lives.


Brian Casey

I am a Quantum Energy Consultant Investigating the Paranormal with decades of experience in Spirit Rescue, Modern Day Ghost Busing, releasing Lost/Trapped Spirits and Removing Unwanted Energies from People and Place.

Quantum Energy Healing, Psychic Surgery, Negative Energy Removal and Energy Feel good Boosters. I also offering Free Chakra Balancing with every session.

Brian has shared his healing skills with a few of our members and we all feel he is brilliant psychic surgeon and energy healer

Helen Mawson

Helen while not based in Gloucestershire, she is within travelling distance and also works online.

Based just outside Hereford and accessible to most parts of the county of Herefordshire. I am fully trained in The Bowen Technique, Health Kinesiology and Reiki & Seichem. I have many years experience treating clients with a wide range of conditions – both physical and emotional. Please also note that I offer Health Kinesiology distantly from the comfort of your own home via Zoom or Skype.

I believe that optimum health is achieved when all of the complex aspects of our lives are in balance, this enables us to be happy, fulfilled and full of health. It is often easier said than done to achieve this state and we all experience varying levels of balance and imbalance in our lives. When we constantly experience imbalance or have done so over a long period of time it becomes a problem and as a result, illness may occur.


Hi there, my name is Brendan. I’m an alternative therapist and shamanic practitioner from the herefordshire/Gloucestershire area. Over the years I have gained a wealth of experience from working with others in international performing arts, alternative therapies and health and social care.

I am currently offering in person and online therapeutic services that use movement, sound and altered states of consciousness to assist with mental/physical health, trauma integration and low self esteem. 

My curiosity and open mindedness towards alternative therapies over the years has allowed me to experience and witness some truly magnificent, life changing transformations.

Now that I have embodied these experiences I feel inspired to share these techniques with those who hear the call to listen.

Each session is completely unique and tailored to your needs. They can be held in person or online and concessions are available. For a consultation chat please contact or text 07594801560.

Janie Dimopoulos

I am a Person-Centred and Integrative counsellor with nine years experience of working with both adults and adolescents and nearly 4000 counselling hours. I have helped clients with a wide diversity of issues ranging from relationship difficulties, feelings of depression and anxiety, to more complex issues such as eating disorders, self-harm or trauma. It is my belief that psychological distress occurs when a person becomes unable to trust their own judgement, and becomes reliant on others to know what is  right for them. This can result in confusion and anxiety and lead to the manifestation of symptoms commonly associated with mental health conditions.

I have a particular interest in mental health and wellbeing, and the power that a mindful awareness of our own internal state can have in providing us with self-knowledge and the ability to regain a sense of control in our lives. I believe that counselling can help to foster this awareness as you allow yourself the space to listen to your emotions and understand your response to them.

Kate M James

I am an integrative spiritually minded therapist trained in Counselling, Psychotherapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy, BWRT and EFT and am constantly updating my skills through reading and studying.

My specialisms are in the areas of mindset, stress, anxiety & relationships. The experience of really being heard that can effect change, together with my unique toolkit of support that will help you move from where you are now to where you want to be.

Perhaps your mind is on a fast spin cycle, ruminating about things that have happened or experiencing anxiety that just won’t let up?

Face to face and video sessions are available.

You may be struggling to resolve relationship conflict or a significant relationship has broken down.  Maybe you’re in a new relationship but just not happy?

I qualified with a psychology degree with the Open University in 2006, supplementing this with counselling and psychotherapy training, followed by hypnotherapy in 2013, and have worked in placements and private practice since 2008.

Tânia Gallindo

Due to experiencing a variety of trainings and my own development as a spiritual being and as a person, I combine bodywork with process work (Psychotherapeutic Bodywork), which bridges the unconscious with the conscious. I believe that by bringing the unconscious into consciousness has the power to transform the way we see ourselves. As a consequence, it enables us to develop self-empathy and compassion towards our journeys and at the same time creating a space for our authentic selves to fully emerge.

The work I create acknowledges body and soul, thus inviting you to embody your experience, dismissing nothing and embracing all you are.

I offer craniosacral therapy, psychotherapeutic counselling, shatisu massage and psychotherapeutic bodywork.

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