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Why Are Digital ID’s A Threat To Humanity?

The government is going to introduce legislation to make the Digital IDs that will only be accessible by smartphone apps and websites as secure as paper documents. (I don’t know how you feel about that, but their track record re security is not confidence inspiring).

They are supported by the companies that will make fortunes from supplying digital services and by the mainstream media who are paid by the government to support the narrative.

They are only telling us the positives, but those ‘positives’ are only positive for them, not for us.

They want every part of society to adopt digital identity verification. They tell us that it will be safer than other forms of identification even though they know that none of the IT systems they have adopted has been secure – but Hey Ho.

Digital IDs may have the advantage of speed, value for money and promises of security, but the experience of our lords and masters in adopting modern technology has been wanting, to say the least.

The Drawbacks of Digitalisation

However, they don’t want you to know the drawbacks of the digitalisation of society.

To start with, we have no way of knowing who or what will be collecting all the information about us, or how it will be used, but you can bet it won’t be used in ways that will enhance our lives. More likely to control us in their interests.

Also since the use of electronic databases began, there have been large numbers of leaks of our most sensitive information, all too frequently to criminal organisations, who trade in our suffering.

They will also be able to use this tech to track everybody without requiring their consent, meaning that privacy will be a thing of the past, not that we have much now, and it’s unlikely that we will have any say or even any knowledge as to how the technology is used or whether we will have any rights at all (No we won’t)

In addition, there is the fact that as the artificial intelligence (AI) is developed, there will be no transparency as to what data is being collected or how it will be used, but as mentioned above, it will not be used in our interests.

Digital IDs will definitely lead to a cashless society, which will control our activities even further. (See What’s wrong with a cashless society?)

Social Credit System

However, the most dangerous and frankly scary risk is that Digital IDs will lead to a Social Credit system based on the one under development in China. These systems are very attractive to authoritarian regimes. They give these regimes total control of the behaviour of their citizens. You get points added if you behave and do as you are told and taken off if you buck the system in any way.

There’s also the problem of technical glitches which may lock out your access to everything.

You may think that our western governments would never want those levels of control, but you would be wrong.

What do you think the Vaccine Passports were about?

They had nothing to do with health and everything to do with control.

Written by Michael Doherty from TheMichaelFiles