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What’s wrong with a cashless society?

Cashless hurts the most vulnerable

The homeless will tell you that one of the biggest problems they face is that so few people carry cash nowadays. Many may say “It’s better to give food, they will only waste cash on drugs and alcohol” – yet often the only food outlets on city streets are takeaways. Plenty of people who are willing to give some spare change can’t spontaneously gift a takeaway meal they couldn’t afford for themselves.

Cashless raises the entry bar for financial participation in society

To manage cash you need a pocket.

To go cashless you need a mobile phone. The technical mindset to use it. Good signal. Reliable access with somewhere to charge it. These may further depend on having a bank account and a fixed address, which may further depend on having approved photo ID. If you are in a controlling or abusive relationship you must manage all this outside the control of the abuser. You will not be able to hide a little cash here or there to regain autonomy. The elderly and those with learning difficulties will be further marginalized, excluded and disadvantaged.

If such are possible at all in a cashless society, informal events like car boot sales, charity whip-rounds, leaving cards, and even children’s pocket money will become dependent on and mediated by cumbersome technological systems. These systems often look great on paper but prove to be unreliable in practice.

The religiously inclined may find this all uncomfortably reminiscent of ‘The mark of the beast, without which you cannot buy or sell’

In a cashless society, EVERY TRANSACTION can be taxed

All the builders, gardeners, hairdressers, window cleaners, mechanics and others who do the odd bit of cash work for ‘mates rates’ will be clobbered.

F**k ‘em, I pay my share of tax, why can’t they?”

The rich will continue to employ accountants and lawyers to get out of paying their share. A cashless society only hurts ordinary working people who need a break as much as you do.

In a cashless society, EVERY TRANSACTION can be monitored, or forbidden

Are you passionate about anything? Do you donate to ANY cause, creed or party which is currently, was ever, or may ever become even slightly controversial?

Maybe you are anti-hunting? pro-hunting? pro reproductive choice? anti-abortion? anti-nuclear power? anti-wind power? anti-war? Do you support the Freedom Movement? XR? BLM? Palestine? Homeopathy? The Socialist Workers Party? Do you belong to ANY religious minority?

If so, your donations and activities will be recorded and, worse, you or your entire cause or movement may be de-funded on a whim if the government so chose. Even if you trust the current government (!) are you sure you can trust every future government with such powers?

Do you have any vices? Do you ever smoke, drink, take drugs, gamble, or partake in any for-cash ‘adult activities’?

Well, um, who’s asking?…..”

If your preferred vice is not entirely eliminated, your participation WILL be recorded and may affect your credit score.

No ! I abhor all these vices and would gladly see them eliminated !”

The virtue of abstinence stems from the freedom to indulge in vices. Where there is no freedom to indulge in vice, there is no freedom to practice the virtue of abstinence. It isn’t a virtue if you have no choice.

I don’t care, I enjoy seeing people who make different choices to me suffer”

OK, but meat, sugar, salt, alcohol or some other thing or activity YOU love may be next.

Don’t let them use any powers against others

which you wouldn’t want used against you.

Meh, whatever. Cards and whatnot are more convenient.”

Smart meters were sold as reducing the bother of meter readings. As per a recent announcement, they will soon be used to enforce peak and off-peak pricing. Perhaps waiting up until midnight when you can finally afford to run your tumble drier isn’t so convenient after all.

It’s NEVER about YOUR convenience.

Its ALWAYS about THEIR control.

Have you heard about the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) coming soon?

CBDC’s are just another kind of money, right?

Wrong. CBDCs are programmable. They are designed to integrate seamlessly with carbon credit, social credit and rationing systems.

The difference between a ‘traditional’ currency and a CBDC is the difference between

a) A nice crisp £20 note and

b) A rapidly expiring £20 gift card redeemable ONLY for product categories the government thinks you ought to want or need and CONDITIONAL on your maintaining a positive social credit score and remaining within your carbon quota.

You didn’t think that a Universal Basic Income would be

REAL money with no strings attached, did you?

Gosh I don’t like the sound of this – I will make sure I advocate for cash and use it as often as possible even if I do use my card or iPay at other times.”

Good plan.

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