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We’re Not Going to Sit in Silence

Kelly Martin pro-truth-pro-freedom

Standing up to those in power takes courage and at a time of huge growing censorship, we all need to start making a stand. We must not let the Government and the right-hand of the Government (mainstream media), silence us.

As many people witnessed the abhorrent destruction of our democracy through laughs and sniggers in the House of Commons on 19th of October when the Deputy Speaker of the House said: ‘It’s not the mood of the House to vote on the issue’, it passed without a division. I, like many, was furious. I think for most of us, this was the final straw. The arrogance of MPs taking this tyrannical act so lightly, that most did not show up to vote and because of this many shared their discontent across social media. A trend began #wewillnotcomply and #notinthemood.

My local MP Richard Graham was one those who did not show up. So, I, like many, contacted him, knowing after many letters had fallen on completely deaf ears, made it short, to the point.

‘We will not comply, and

our numbers are growing locally’

Kelly Martin, Gloucester

It was obvious to anyone that this was in relation to the death of democracy that took place in the House of Commons on the 19th of October 2021. If the mood of the House is to not take it seriously, and from its appearance it looked like it was deliberately orchestrated to be pushed through without any single MP being able to be blamed for voting for or against, like many, I said we will not comply with the future tyranny that issues forth from this legislation. And those who will not comply are growing in numbers locally and UK wide.

What happened next backfired, but for the Government.

Mainstream media ‘somehow’ discovered what I had said to my MP. I had shared it on my Twitter account to protect myself, because Richard Graham in his reply had accused me of sending him an ‘implicit threat’. He had ‘implied’ that my stating what I had said, which took place shortly after the death of his colleague Sir David Amess, was a threat. As soon as I read this, I knew I had to put it out publicly to my followers on Twitter, to cover my back.

As someone who is not famous, not a celebrity, just an ordinary woman with a voice, living in Gloucester, to suddenly have a local reporter follow me and ask for a story on this was too much of a coincidence. You only tend find people on Twitter when you are searching for someone specific.

Within a day, a story was published on Gloucester Live by trainee reporter Will Morgan. And then a bigger article was published in the Daily Mail. Both articles used headlines to imply that I had threatened Richard Graham. Both articles had used my name in full and the Daily Mail went one step further and printed a photo of me.

I was shocked, distressed, and scared.

If they could do this kind of hit piece on an ordinary person questioning the Government, they can do it to anyone, for anything. And this new legislation could be used for many more tyrannical measures that would put 2020 to shame.

What I noticed was that I was used to create a new narrative around MPs not being safe and needing security. A way to add to future legislation and to further keep MPs from their constituents. I was the fall guy (or girl). I was called antivaxxer, pandemic denier. They trawled through my thoughts on Twitter and included my disdain for the Prime Minister of New Zealand who recently smiled as she agreed that segregation, medical apartheid, is exactly what she was planning for her people.

The thing that backfired the most for both the media and Richard Graham, is that they allowed my thoughts on the death of Sir David Amess to be shared. My thoughts that it was too much of coincidence that he was murdered (or in my opinion assassinated), a few days before the vote on this act was to take place. As one of the few MPs against Vaccine Passports, against big pharmaceutical companies integrating with Government, it struck me as strange that he ‘suddenly’ was ‘murdered’. And I was not the only one thinking this.

The Daily Mail stopped people commenting on the article very quickly. They put a block on comments at just over 200. I received countless messages from people agreeing with my thoughts that were shared yet they were not allowed to comment on the article. They tried to silence the people. The ‘story’ was then shared in our local weekly newspaper The Citizen. The MSM and our MP milking the story for all it was worth.

I received mostly positive feedback on the Daily Mail article and the local media site. My Twitter account blew up with the number of positive messages. I was overwhelmed by the care and support from so many across the UK and the world.

Regardless of the anti-vaxxer slurs and smearing, many agreed with my thoughts and at how disgusting it was, what the establishment had set out to create. I, like many, felt sad that Sir David Amess was ‘murdered’. He was on the side of the people of the UK and to suggest that my words constituted a threat to Richard Graham is despicable and a testament to how Government as a whole now, cannot be trusted. Media being the voice of the one world Government they are bringing in.

Gloucester is a powerful nexus of change. In history, Gloucester took down a King. We have a lot of history and an interesting demographic and because of this we are being used as a testbed for the Smart City concept.

Join me in standing up, contact your local MP, join your local protests, inform the people of what is happening. Don’t stay silent, this is what they want. If you stay silent, it is assumed that you agree, that you will comply. They are afraid of us coming together. As the saying goes. ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’.

Let’s keep rising everyone. Do not stay silent!

Kelly Martin (