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Dangers of the Covid-19 ‘So-called’ Vaccine

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Information you can use to explain the dangers of the Covid ‘vaccine’ and its boosters

(Disclaimer: I am NOT anti-vaccines. I have been vaccinated against diphtheria, polio, tetanus and TB. True vaccines have probably saved millions of lives. My concern here is that the Covid ‘vaccines’ are not true vaccines but are an untried, untested treatment which is unlawfully being forced on healthy people without their informed consent).

Michael Doherty, article Author

The first question is: ‘Was there a pandemic in 2020?’

If there had been a pandemic, we would expect recorded deaths during that year to increase dramatically. The data, published by the UK government, showed that there was NO increase in the All Cause Mortality in 2020 compared with the average over the previous five years.

However, there was a dramatic increase in All Cause Mortality following the rollout of ‘vaccination’ in late December 2020 and into 2021.

The next question is: ‘What is a vaccine?’

The Covid ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines as defined by the World Health Organisation, although the WHO has recently changed the definition of a vaccine to include these products.

The WHO also changed the definition of a pandemic to fit the Covid ‘facts’.

True vaccines immunise you against disease and prevent the transmission of the infections.

The Covid ‘vaccines’ do not immunize against Covid-19. (They MAY reduce the severity if you are infected).

They do not prevent the transmission of the infection.

In the future you may still have to wear masks, which don’t work, maintain social distancing, which doesn’t work, and possibly continue with lockdowns indefinitely, which also don’t work

You will have to have regular booster shots, each one less effective than the one before

There have been attempts to produce a coronavirus vaccine for decades without success. But in just a few months in 2020 many so called ‘vaccines’ were developed.

It normally takes up to10 years or even more to test a new drug or vaccine, with a series of clinical trials, usually known as Phases1,2,3,4. Each trial is carried out, its results analysed before the next Phase is begun. In the case of the Covid ‘vaccine’ all the trials were carried out at the same time, also totally unheard of in clinical trials.

The ‘vaccines’ are a totally new gene therapy. (mRNA therapy for the Pfizer and Moderna products, and full-blown gene therapy for the Oxford/AstraZeneca product).

The mRNA therapy has never been tried on humans before as a prophylactic (preventative for healthy people).

It has been used on terminal cancer patients where they are going to die anyway. The risk/benefit analysis in this case makes the treatment acceptable, but it is not acceptable when a non-licensed treatment of basically unknown efficacy or safety is forced on a whole population of people, most of whom are healthy, and without their informed consent.

Informed consent is not possible since we are being prevented from access to the necessary information, and much of it is unknown.

It has only been licenced for ‘Emergency Use’.

Its Phase 3 trials will not be completed until 2023, not that this matters because once the manufacturers decided to announce that the ‘vaccines’ were safe and effective, they gave the control group the vaccine, so that whatever happens, there is no unvaccinated group in the trials to compare outcomes..

It has not been tested for safety on animals as is the normal protocol for vaccine trials. Animal tests of mRNA ‘vaccines’ since 2003 have had to be discontinued because most of the animals developed serious side effects and many died.

The US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) agreed that human trials could begin while animal trials were underway. This is totally unheard of in clinical trials.

It is unlike normal trials where a double blind, randomised, placebo-controlled protocol is used.

Its efficacy in the real world is not known, although the pharmaceutical companies and the governments say it is.

Its safety is not known.

Its medium and long-term side effects are not known.

It may even cause infection.

It may prime the immune system to overreact when exposed to the actual virus. This is known as ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) and usually leads to organ failure and death.

Care homes with no cases since the start of the ‘pandemic’ saw many deaths of both staff and residents after forced vaccination.

Adverse Reactions

Most countries maintain databases which allow medical staff and members of the public to report adverse reactions to drugs and vaccines.

US: VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System)

UK; Yellow Card Scheme

Europe: European Medicines Agency

From these databases we can compare the numbers of events associated with the Covid-19 ‘vaccinations’ from Dec 2020 to 22 Apr 2022 (about 16 months) with the totals for ALL OTHER vaccines combined since 1990 (about 32 years)

Yes. The comparison is between 16 months of Covid-19 events and 32 years for ALL other vaccines COMBINED.

DescriptionCovid-19 (16 months)All Others (32 years)
Adverse Events1,247,131879,512
Life Threatening Events30,74714,511
Permanent Disabilities51,16321,050

Note that the total of deaths associated with the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ is almost 3 times the number of deaths associated with all other vaccines for the past 32 years.

People will try to argue that these databases are voluntary reports that anyone can make and that there is no evidence of the vaccines causing these reactions. The numbers tell a different story. It takes up to half an hour to complete the details necessary to make a single report, and it is conceded by health authorities that the number of events reported is only between 1% and 10% of the actual number of events that have occurred.

So, you can multiply the above numbers by at least 10.

Also, other vaccine trials have been halted if the reports of deaths associated with the trials exceeded 50. Here we could possibly be looking at 275,000 deaths, but still the treatments continue with mandates, in contravention of the Nuremberg Code, the Helsinki Declaration, and other international agreements.

List of headline points for quick referral and printing

  • The COVID jabs are not vaccines. They are experimental gene therapy
  • They do not provide immunity. They do not stop infection or transmission
  • Informed Consent cannot be given as medium and long term risks not known
  • Manufacturers will not release FULL list of ‘vaccine’ contents
  • Trials: Phases I, II, III have been conducted at the same time. Never before
  • Trials unblinded July 2021. so NO control groups to compare efficacy or safety
  • Emergency Use Authorisation issued in spite of available safe treatments. Illegal
  • Animal Trials excused in spite of history of animal trials in previous SARS ‘vaccines’
  • Survival Rates after infection above 99.5%
  • Of those who die from Covid-19, 99.2% suffer from at least one co-morbidity
  • No Excess Deaths in 2020
  • Excess Deaths began to show in 2021 after ‘vaccine’ rollout
  • Grossly exaggerated Covid case numbers to induce fear in population
  • Covid mortality almost exactly mirrors natural mortality rates
  • Cases are not infections
  • PCR tests are not fit for purpose; they cannot test for infections
  • Censorship of all experts who disagree with the official narrative
  • 80% of hospital admissions are fully vaccinated
  • Mass vaccination forces virus to mutate
  • High death rate among the vaccinated
  • Suppression of effective safe treatments
  • Natural Immunity better than ‘vaccine’ induced immunity
  • Vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability
  • There has never been a successful attempt to develop a coronavirus vaccine
  • Destruction of the immune system
  • Total disregard by the government of the law and human rights
  • Vaccine Adverse Reaction Databases show thousands of deaths and millions of severe adverse reactions

And the list goes on

© Michael Doherty 04 May 2022.

You may copy and share but please include these details